Spiritual Secrets About Suicide

Be FREE From Depression or Suicide
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​DO YOU STRUGGLE WITH SUICIDAL THOUGHTS? DO YOU KNOW SOMEONE WHO IS DEPRESSED? DO YOU MINISTER TO PEOPLE WHO ARE CONTEMPLATING SUICIDE? THEN SSAS WAS WRITTEN FOR YOU. SSAS will put spiritual tools into your suicide prevention, intervention, and postvention toolbox. You will acquire spiritual skills to overcome stress. You will learn from the stories of real people who fully engaged the battle against suicide and won. You will recognize lies that led to destruction and find power through spiritual truth.


“Powerful! Annette uses real people’s stories and teaches us with raw emotional honesty about depression and suicide. She reveals the truth about the spiritual struggles around us and within us. This book is a tool that I will use daily in my professional and personal life. The book reveals one essential truth… God is the Ultimate Healer.”
—Dr. Kathleen Scarborough, M.D. Board Certified, Ob-Gyn

“This is a powerful, personally authentic, life-transforming and life-saving tool from someone who understands suicide holistically! An enriching, insightful, and exciting new book on suicide written by an extraordinary woman I’ve been privileged to know and work with closely—it is a must read!”
—Rev. Fr. Boris Charles Ansu Tengabo, Professor of Psychology, St. Augustine Millenium Seminary and former coordinator of Bridge for Peace Rome

“Spiritual Secrets About Suicide” is a definitive guide full of important information for those who want to learn more about spiritual forces and how to deal with the epidemic of suicide. A must-read for those who want to enrich their understanding, enhance their skills, and be prepared to help others. Annette not only writes about the supernatural power of the Blood of Jesus and the power of forgiveness, but she lives it.”
—Leia Eisenhower, PH.D, Mental Health Counselor, Assemblies of God Ordained Minister & US Airforce Total Force Mission Chaplain

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